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Technical Guide - Robot

Technical Guide - Robot The main objective of the project is to contribute to the family and social inclusion of young people and adults with intellectual disabilities, through the use of a series of ICT and robotic tools adapted to their needs . The robot  is the element with which the user interacts.   It has the following characteristics to guarantee total freedom to be copied and produced: - The development is open source hardware - The chassis, the casing, the wheels, etc.   They can be manufactured completely with a 3D printer. The robot has: An adult aspect, as opposed to current children's products Platform / mobile interconnection physical robot Flashy technical features of the robot: It has a 1 "screen (visualize activities results and" moods "of the robot) Connection via wifi Rechargeable battery Use of the IoT (Internet of Thing) concept for communication (server) 3D Model FreeCAD (  Link to file on Github  ) STL files to

Beneficial for All - Gamesp

                       Beneficial for All                        Gamesp      Teaching robotics as an  essential piece of science and technology  in schools will benefit every student, educator and parent involvement in the education process. Children won't just learn about the daily routine and social skills . Rather, they can use these concepts to unlock an interest and aptitude in less related fields such as  music, art, sports,  cooking, jobs and hobbies .     With the online platform  http://gamesp.org, everyone will play several sports and make some music activities - learning to play in the music workshop and be able to see  the benefits of physical exercise.  The activities in this laboratory are aimed mainly at encouraging socialization and improving self-esteem.