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How Art Helps People With Disabilities

How Art Helps People With Disabilities 

The arts are more than a fun, superficial way to keep kids occupied. Art activities can help children with learning disabilities begin to overcome the challenges they face in learning in many different ways. Of course, having a learning disability does not necessarily mean that a person has an exceptional artistic talent. However, music, art, crafts and dance can give students with learning disabilities a chance to express themselves through different media and gain confidence along the way.   

The arts bring children and teens with disabilities great joy and build high self-esteem. The arts might keep a disengaged student from dropping out of school—and help them to improve in academic areas.

Adapt the Fun for Everyone! Activity and People with Disabilities

Adapt the Fun for Everyone!  Activity and People with Disabilities         

 "All individuals should and can exercise regularly for an improved quality of life as well as maintaining their independence."

People who have developmental disabilities will have problems in learning and grasping things. That is why there are special activities that are developed for people with the same so that they can cope better with life. In this following article, we will go through some of these activities and help you understand them better.

Developmental disabilities come about when there is certain mental and physical damage done to the body. This could lead to severe and chronic conditions which can affect the learning, language, mobility, speech, independent living and other activities of a person. People who suffer from this condition can be affected in a number of ways like damage to the spinal cord, brain and the central nervous system, thereby leading to vision and hearing problems, a…
     The platform of the Gamesp also will include 10 Teaching Units. The TU is based on existing games and new ones which can be created from adaptation for adults with disabilities. The games seek for working different fields, such as orientation, sequencing, etc.These units will emphasize the game between two persons, may be involved both handicapped adults or parents. In this way, we enhance the interaction and peer learning. This role can also be ‘played’ by parents and educators.

 Each unit has activities with 3 levels of difficulty:  In level easy, you are going to recognise your goal on each board and to move the robot on the board. (Reading ability is not required. I could only present images of some objects.) In the level medium, you can use provided board or create your own. On this level, It is possible to use QR codes to get more information about the topics and involve the ability of reading. In level advanced, you have to cooperate with other people. It’s a…

How are the lives of people with disabilities affected?

 How are the lives of people with disabilities affected?

        People respond to disabilities in different ways. Some react negatively and thus their quality of life is negatively affected. Others choose to focus on their abilities as opposed to their disabilities and continue to live a productive life. There are several factors that affect the impact a disability has on an individual.

These barriers contribute to the disadvantages experienced by people with disabilities, such as the following.

They have poor health outcomes. Depending on the group and setting, persons with disabilities may experience greater vulnerability to preventable secondary conditions and co-morbidities, untreated mental health conditions, poor oral health, higher rates of HIV infection, higher rates of obesity, and premature mortality.
They have lower educational achievements. Children with disabilities are less likely to start school than their peers without disabilities. They also have lower rates of staying …

Who for?

 WHO FOR?                               GAMESP 
       People with Intellectual Disabilities at all ages, parents and other relatives of the people with intellectual disabilities because of the game will be developed in such a way that combines a low intellectual difficulty with an adult design and psychology. Schools, universities, institution dealing with them.      Children and adults with intellectual disability share an attribute with all other minority groups: they are different. The difference may be real or perceived, but the effect is substantial. The difference begins with the altered expectations of parents when they learn about the prospect of cognitive disabilities. 

      When one examines the characteristics of difference for an individual with an intellectual disability, one notes several components, all of which are to some extent dynamic. First is the matter of achievement and performance, in the measured or standard sense. This matter is linked to the functional limitat…

¿Qué es GAMESP?


GAMESP - Physical and Virtual Games for education and social insertion of intellectually handicapped people, reúne a 7 socios de diferentes países y actividades profesionales, pero con un único objetivo: contribuir a la inserción familiar y social de los estudiantes y adultos con discapacidades intelectuales a través del uso de herramientas TIC y robot desarrollados con ese fin específico.