Adapt the Fun for Everyone! Activity and People with Disabilities

Adapt the Fun for Everyone! 

Activity and People with Disabilities         

 "All individuals should and can exercise regularly for an improved quality of life as well as maintaining their independence."

  People who have developmental disabilities will have problems in learning and grasping things. That is why there are special activities that are developed for people with the same so that they can cope better with life. In this following article, we will go through some of these activities and help you understand them better.

    Developmental disabilities come about when there is certain mental and physical damage done to the body. This could lead to severe and chronic conditions which can affect the learning, language, mobility, speech, independent living and other activities of a person. People who suffer from this condition can be affected in a number of ways like damage to the spinal cord, brain and the central nervous system, thereby leading to vision and hearing problems, along with causing certain mental disorders as well. While there are therapies that have been developed to help cope with these problems, there are also certain activities for adults with developmental disabilities that have been formulated, so that, they can help a person learn and grasp varied concepts in a better manner.

     There are certain activities which are especially formulated such that they can focus on all aspects of human development and help in coping with this condition better. In that manner, they help in the development of the individual's mental and physical capacities and potential. Let us take a look at some of these sensory activities for developmental disabilities. 
♦ Ask them to collect at least 15 stones from the outdoors. Then get the rocks in and ask them to paint them with bright colors in different shapes and sizes. 

♦ Provide them with a range of items like colored paper, string, buttons, mesh, paper clips etc that you can think of. Then provide them with a chart paper and glue and ask them to make a collage, with a design of their choice. 
♦ Go through family albums and describe each person to them in great detail. This will help them understand the characteristics and qualities of each person, thereby increasing their awareness of the same. 
♦ Go for a walk with them and sing songs as you go along. Play the freeze game. Every time the leader says, 'Freeze!', they have to stop in their tracks and remain that way till the leader says, 'Go!' 
♦ Ask them to write poems. This can be done in a number of ways, either give them a word with which they have to start the poem or give them a color or any other option that you can think of. Then have them write a line each, and present it before the others.
 ♦ Play a scavenger hunt game by making a list of the varied things to find and then taking them out into a designated area to find them. 
♦ Give them a bowl of paint and some rough sheets. Ask them to dip their fingers into the bowl and make varied designs with the same. They could draw simple designs like animals, trees or houses.
 ♦ Give them pieces of colored paper and have them make simple designs like boats and fans from it. On the other hand, if they can handle making a paper airplane, they can test their handiwork by throwing it in the air. 
♦ Give them a bowl of soap water and a straw and ask them to blow soap bubbles on a flat surface. If they choose to blow soap bubbles in the air, then ask them to observe and describe how they are carried by the wind. 
♦ Get them to collect different flowers of different shapes and colors (strictly those that have fallen on the ground) and then get on to making pressed flower art. This is done by pressing the flowers into notebooks. It'll make for a pretty design when it's done. 
 ♦ Take them to the balcony at different times of the day and ask them to describe the weather in great detail. This exercise can even be done by going into the balcony and describing the varied characteristics of the people who are passing by. Focusing on varied things like what they are wearing, how they walk etc.

 These activities meant for adults with disabilities should be made a part of their routine because they help in enhancing their growth and grasping powers. You'll find a change in the way in which they react to situations and how they are better able to adjust in different scenarios. 


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