How are the lives of people with disabilities affected?

           How are the lives of people with disabilities affected?

        People respond to disabilities in different ways. Some react negatively and thus their quality of life is negatively affected. Others choose to focus on their abilities as opposed to their disabilities and continue to live a productive life. There are several factors that affect the impact a disability has on an individual.

These barriers contribute to the disadvantages experienced by people with disabilities, such as the following.

  • They have poor health outcomes. Depending on the group and setting, persons with disabilities may experience greater vulnerability to preventable secondary conditions and co-morbidities, untreated mental health conditions, poor oral health, higher rates of HIV infection, higher rates of obesity, and premature mortality.

  • They have lower educational achievements. Children with disabilities are less likely to start school than their peers without disabilities. They also have lower rates of staying in school and of being promoted, as well as lower transition rates to postschool education.
  • They are less economically active. People with disabilities have lower employment rates than people without disabilities. Where people with disabilities are employed, they commonly earn less than their counterparts without disabilities.
  • They experience higher rates of poverty. Households with a person with a disability have higher rates of poverty than households without disabled members. As a group and across settings, people with disabilities have worse living conditions and fewer assets. Poverty may lead to disability, through malnutrition, poor health care, and dangerous working or living conditions. Disability may lead to poverty through lost earnings, due to lack of employment or underemployment, and through the additional costs of living with a disability, such as extra medical, housing, and transport costs. 
  •  They cannot always live independently or participate fully in community activities. Reliance on institutional solutions, lack of community living, inaccessible transport and other public facilities, and negative attitudes leave people with disabilities dependent on others and isolated from mainstream social, cultural, and political opportunities.

      Did he change views on disability?

     Gamesp is an online platform to interact with physical robots or in a virtual community, to implement with them specific teaching units for adults with disabilities. This goal leads offering this group the ability to access a normal activity, such as playing with robots. With this in mind, it aims to help to promote the inclusion of disabled people. For this purpose, the consortium counts with experts on this target group.


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