The platform of the Gamesp also will include 10 Teaching Units. The TU is based on existing games and new ones which can be created from adaptation for adults with disabilities. The games seek for working different fields, such as orientation, sequencing, etc.These units will emphasize the game between two persons, may be involved both handicapped adults or parents. In this way, we enhance the interaction and peer learning. This role can also be ‘played’ by parents and educators.

 Each unit has activities with 3 levels of difficulty:
  •  In level easy, you are going to recognise your goal on each board and to move the robot on the board. (Reading ability is not required. I could only present images of some objects.) 
  • In the level medium, you can use provided board or create your own. On this level, It is possible to use QR codes to get more information about the topics and involve the ability of reading. 
  • In level advanced, you have to cooperate with other people. It’s a level of 2 or more players.


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